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Mod Pizza

Mod Pizza is like the Subway of pizza restaurants. You have the option to choose your own toppings, or you can choose from a selection of pre-decided pizzas. The positive atmosphere, the friendly staff and customers, the cheap prices, and their delicious pizza is what makes me suggest Mod Pizza every time my parents ask me what I want for dinner.  Mod Pizza is still a fairly new place (at my location), so sometimes the inexperienced workers mess up my pizza. The pizzas also cook fast, but sometimes a little too fast so they burn the pizza crust every so often. The seating options are a little whack too. There are a few four seaters, one huge, long table,...

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LA Fitness – Covington

Being an LA Fitness member comes with many perks and advantages. LA Fitness is a state of the art work out facility. Most of the clubs include personal training, free weights, equipment, racquetball courts, basketball courts, group fitness, spas, saunas, pools, Kids’ Klub, a juice bar, and friendly, helpful staff. The positive atmosphere and the friendly people help to keep members like my family intrigued and involved. LA Fitness in Covington, WA is open from 5:00am-midnight Monday-Thursday, 5:00am to 10:00pm on Fridays, and 8:00am-8:00pm Saturday and Sunday. To join, there is a $99.00 initiation fee plus monthly dues of $29.95. Even though I’ve only been going to LA Fitness for about five to six months, I can already see myself getting stronger. I...

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Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant

If you ever find yourself traveling through Covington, WA you have to make it a point to stop and eat at Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant. Golden Phoenix is my favorite Chinese restaurant because the food is really, really good. When I go, I like to order the luncheon special #12 ($6.50), which is the sweet & sour chicken, pork fried rice, egg roll and your choice of wonton, egg flower or hot & sour soup. The fried chicken is white meat chicken that is pretty juicy and is covered in the usual red sweet & sour sauce. The broth of the wonton soup is very flavorful and the wontons are pork-filled. I also sometimes order the moo goo gai...

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Cutters Point

*UPDATE* 7/1/15. Cutters Point is no longer in business. Cutters Point is known for making handcrafted coffee. The Cutters Point I’ve been to is in Covington, WA next to the Fred Meyer grocery store. I’ve only been to this location a few times so I haven’t tried everything on the menu. I have tried the hot chocolate and the orange cream smoothie. The hot chocolate is very creamy and is served very hot. You can’t stop drinking it because it’s good. It could use a little more chocolate but any kid would enjoy it. Now, the orange cream smoothie is very rich in flavor, with a thin texture. It’s super creamy if you mix in the whipped cream. This...

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Ristorante Isabella in Covington, WA

*UPDATE* Ristorante Isabella is no longer in business. Ristorante Isabella is located in a strip mall so when I first walked in, it was fancier than I expected. There was a beautiful water fountain, nice paintings of Italian food on the wall and classical music playing. I ordered off the kids menu and picked the Tortellini with Alfredo Cream Sauce. My mom ordered the Fettuccine Alfredo and my dad ordered the Baked Risotto and Grilled Chicken Breast. They both really loved their dishes. The kid’s portion is small so if you are an older kid, you may want to order off the adult menu. Plus the adult menu comes with soup or salad. I tried some of the minestrone...

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