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Blue Moon Burgers

I like Blue Moon Burgers in Fremont, WA because of three reasons. One, they have a lot of cool posters on their walls of concerts, plays and local events. I thought the posters were old but boy was I wrong. They are actually posters of stuff going on now or coming up in the future. Two, they have a lot of good choices of food that I like (burgers, grilled cheese, fries, shakes, soda floats & fried pies!). Three, the burgers are so juicy and tender. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and some fries. It was like heaven on earth. My sister ordered a regular cheeseburger but the cook made a mistake and put bacon on hers. That just...

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Dick’s Drive In Restaurant

Dick’s Drive In Restaurant has the fastest service I have ever seen. They are so fast that they almost threw my brother’s milkshake out the walk-up window as we were paying. Remember that there is no seating at most of the locations and you must only bring cash. I usually order the Deluxe Burger ($2.50), which is a very juicy double cheeseburger with the usual veggies and special sauce. My brother usually orders the cheeseburger ($1.40), which is your basic buns, burger, cheese, ketchup and pickles. They also offer hamburgers ($1.20), soft drinks and ice cream. Their fries ($1.40) are fresh-cut, soggy and taste ok. I like extra salt on mine. If you want ketchup to dip your fries,...

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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

For my birthday, we ended up going to the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Issaquah, WA. It was early in the morning and it took us a long time to get there. Did you know that Krispy Kreme no longer gives out free original glazed doughnuts when the “hot now” sign is on? It was our first time at this Issaquah location and it will definitely be the last time for this particular store. The employees were really grumpy and the doughnuts tasted like they were three days old, except for the original glazed since the “hot now” sign was lit. The original glazed doughnuts were warm and tasted fine. The maple bars were very, very stale with very little...

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Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant

If you ever find yourself traveling through Covington, WA you have to make it a point to stop and eat at Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant. Golden Phoenix is my favorite Chinese restaurant because the food is really, really good. When I go, I like to order the luncheon special #12 ($6.50), which is the sweet & sour chicken, pork fried rice, egg roll and your choice of wonton, egg flower or hot & sour soup. The fried chicken is white meat chicken that is pretty juicy and is covered in the usual red sweet & sour sauce. The broth of the wonton soup is very flavorful and the wontons are pork-filled. I also sometimes order the moo goo gai...

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Coho Café

When we went to Coho Café in Issaquah for dinner, we had a small wait. While we were waiting, we were served a sample of the fiery sambal shrimp from their small plates menu, which was delicious. The restaurant looks very modern and natural. There are a lot of choices on the kid’s menu and I ordered the twin mini cheeseburgers, fries & fruit from their big eats menu ($6.50). My sister ordered the fish ’n chips. My burger just didn’t taste good so I didn’t eat it all. I’m used to eating freshly made burgers but this tasted like it was a frozen reheated burger. The fries were good and crispy, though. My sister really liked her fish...

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Cutters Point

*UPDATE* 7/1/15. Cutters Point is no longer in business. Cutters Point is known for making handcrafted coffee. The Cutters Point I’ve been to is in Covington, WA next to the Fred Meyer grocery store. I’ve only been to this location a few times so I haven’t tried everything on the menu. I have tried the hot chocolate and the orange cream smoothie. The hot chocolate is very creamy and is served very hot. You can’t stop drinking it because it’s good. It could use a little more chocolate but any kid would enjoy it. Now, the orange cream smoothie is very rich in flavor, with a thin texture. It’s super creamy if you mix in the whipped cream. This...

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