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Dreamland Social Club

Dreamland Social Club by Tara Altebrando was such a good book that I couldn’t stop reading it. It all starts with Jane and her older brother, Marcus, inheriting their grandfather’s  house on Coney Island. Coney Island, the once famous but now old beach front neighborhood, was filled with amusement parks like Luna Park and Dreamland, which are long gone. Coney Island also happened to be the birthplace of Jane’s mother and Jane just can’t help thinking of the secrets her mother left behind. With the help of Leo, “tattoo boy”, Jane goes on a journey of discovery and finds out what a great place Coney Island really is. This book is so descriptive about Coney Island that I would...

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Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie is an inspiring and hilarious movie. The movie highlights the Glee cast from their summer 2011 concert tour singing the songs they sang in the television show. You also have a chance to see the cast getting ready for the concerts backstage but they still stay in character. They also have stories of three ultimate Glee fans and how Glee changed their life. This movie makes you think that being yourself is okay. That who you are is who you are. That’s exactly what Glee is. This was a good movie that my friends and I really enjoyed. I’ve never watched Glee on television but I thought the movie was cool, especially in RealD...

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Learn to Draw Digital Sketchbook by Walter Foster

Learn to Draw by Walter Foster is a great app that teaches you how to draw all sorts of interesting things like animals, people, flowers, dragons and more. They have different lessons that you can pick, by starting out with outlines that you trace. Each step gets more complex. You also use different tools like a sketch pencil, a shading pencil, a detail pencil and an eraser. There is a size slider that changes the width of your stroke, the pressure slider changes the lightness or darkness of the stroke and the hardness slider changes the edges of the stroke. You can zoom in to add more details to your drawing. You also have the option to free draw....

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NxtApp 4 Kids

NxtApp 4 Kids is a great way to teach kids how to add and subtract to figure out the pattern. The game is available for iOS devices available at the iTunes app store. They have multiple games to play, which makes learning fun. The concept of the game is to figure out the next number that comes in the pattern. There is a sequence of 4 numbers and one of them is blank. At first it’s really simple, for example 1, 2, __, 4. Then it gets more difficult as you progress, like 4, __, 18,25. At this point you have to use addition and subtraction. So to figure out the missing number, subtract 18 from 25 and you...

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Cars 2 (Sierra)

Cars 2 is the sequel to the 2006 movie, Cars. Lightning McQueen is asked to race at a new race called the World Grand Prix. He brings his pit crew and his best friend Mater. But when Mater screws things up at the first race, McQueen yells at Mater, which makes Mater leave. But when Mater is lost in the city, he ends up working with secret agents. But during the next couple of races, cars are being blown up out of the blue. People are blaming the host of the race, Miles Axlerod and his new alternative fuel Allinol. But will Mater be able to save his friend while taking down those trying to destroy the cars racing...

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Troll Fell

The book Troll Fell by Katherine Langrish was a book club selection for my school reading group. In this book, Peer’s dad has died. His nasty Uncle Baulder wants to claim Peer and take him away to use him for labor. When they get to the mill, Peer has to work day and night and gets scraps of food to eat. But then one day, Peer meets a girl named Hilde who is trying to save her family and their farm from being taken by the greedy Uncle Baulder. But that’s not all. Peer has heard some rumors that a troll is getting married to the King’s daughter and needs some servants for the couple. They are willing to...

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