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This week my family and I went to the Burgermaster right outside of University Village. I had a Burgermaster (Ground Beef, American cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Relish on a Toasted Bun). It was pretty good. The meat was juicy and the toppings tasted fresh. My dad had a Baconmaster, which is basically a Burgermaster with bacon. My dad likes pretty much anything with bacon. My brother had the chilidog, which was smothered in chili. There was so much chili he actually couldn’t even finish it. The fries we ate were a little crispy and not too salty. The chocolate shakes were so creamy and rich. But for some reason, mine kind of tasted like root beer. If you are in...

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Middle School Confidential iPad App

The folks over at Electric Eggplant, makers of “Middle School Confidential™”, recently invited us to take a look at their new app for the iPad, “Be Confident in Who You Are: A Middle School Confidential™ Graphic Novel”. Although the title of this interactive comic book is a little on the long side, it is an enjoyable read with a good message. As you would expect with an interactive comic book, there are multiple ways to read it. It works both horizontally and vertically. You can flip through like a normal comic, one page at a time or zoom in and read it one comic pane at a time. I recommend reading it zoomed in, it’s a much better experience,...

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Disney’s Prom

Disney’s Prom is good movie about a bunch of random kids in high school. They all seem to have something on their minds that is driving them crazy. Prom!! Lloyd doesn’t have a date so his stepsister tells him to just ask any girl. Nova Prescott, class President and head of the Prom committee, is faced with disasters. Jesse is one of them. He doesn’t get why Prom is so important. Lucas doesn’t know how to get Simone Daniel’s attention. Jordan doesn’t trust Tyler, captain of the lacrosse team but is still waiting for him to ask her to Prom. Mei got accepted into a different college from her prom date and future husband, Justin, and doesn’t know how...

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Bakery Story

In Bakery Story, you own your very own bakery that you get to design. In order to make money and have happy customers, you have to make food, but make sure you have money! You can make muffins, cookies, cakes, pies, cappuccinos, mochas and much more. Some food can take 5 minutes to bake while others can take 2 days to bake. It costs money to make the food but you’ll earn money from selling it. Be sure not to let your food sit too long on the stove after it’s finished cooking otherwise it can spoil. For instance, if something takes one hour to bake, then you have 1 hour after it’s finished baking to serve it or...

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Hop is about a bunny named E.B., who is the Easter Bunny’s teenage son. E.B. loves to play the drums (plus he is really good!) and doesn’t want to take over as the Easter Bunny. So E.B. leaves for Hollywood and tries to live his dream in becoming a drummer. There he meets a guy named Fred who then takes him in as a “guest”. But back at Easter Island, things aren’t going so well. Carlos, a yellow Easter chick, gets tired of being #2 and wants to take over Easter. Will E.B. and Fred be able to save Easter in time and will E.B. realize his dream of being a famous drummer? This was a really cute movie....

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Tangled DVD Release

Disney’s Tangled is released on DVD and BluRay today so we thought we’d repost what we thought of the movie when it was in theaters. Enjoy! Tangled is one of my favorite movies out there. It is a Disney animated movie musical about Rapunzel, (the lost Princess) and a young bandit named Flynn Ryder. They make a deal that if Flynn will take Rapunzel to see the floating lights that happen on her birthday every year then Rapunzel will give Flynn his satchel back (which has a stolen tiara). Rapunzel has a hard time leaving her tower though because Mother Goethel told her to never leave the tower. But Mother Goethel gets to leave the tower everyday. What I...

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