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Animal Ark: Labrador in the Leaves

Mandy Hope and her parents have an animal clinic called Animal Ark. Mandy meets a new girl at school, Sara Grant and finds out that Sara has some baby Labradors that need a check-up. Mandy was delighted that Sara was bringing the puppies to her parents’ clinic. Mandy and her friend James fell in love with the puppies. But when the Grants go out of town, the puppies disappear. Mandy and James try to help Sara find the puppies. To make things worse, they find out that the puppies might have a serious eye condition and might need some treatment. Will the puppies be found in time before they go blind? This is a very easy read (the reading...

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The Stonekeeper’s Curse (Amulet, Book 2)

Emily and her brother, Navin, are faced with a challenge. Their mother is poisoned by arachnopod and is in a coma. They take her to the beautiful city of Kanalis where a doctor will see her. Nothing can help her except the fruit of a gadoba tree, which stands on the peak of Demon’s Head Mountain. While they search for this tree, they end up being hunted down by evil elves that want Emily’s power: the power of the Stonekeeper. Will Emily be able to save her family in time before the Stonekeeper destroys her? This is an awesome book. It’s actually a graphic novel. I love it because the pictures are great and there is so much action....

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Megamind – DVD Release

Megamind was released on DVD and BluRay this past weekend so we thought we’d repost what we thought of the movie when it was in theaters. Enjoy! Noah’s Review: Megamind is a very funny movie with super strange characters from outer space. Megamind’s home planet was being sucked into a black hole, so Megamind’s parents put him in a space pod with his minion and he got shot into outer space. Metro Man also got shot out into space, but in a much nicer pod, without a minion. Metro Man’s pod lands in a mansion while Megamind’s pod ends up in a jail. The inmates taught Megamind that policemen were bad and that criminals were good, so he was...

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Farm Story: Valentine’s Day

Farm Story: Valentine’s Day is pretty much the same as Farm Story because you actually own the same farm in both. The Valentine’s Day version just has a bunch of flowers surrounding your farm and you have missions you can complete if you want. You can skip the missions by paying gems but don’t do that because gems are very, very hard to earn. Of course, you can buy gems with real money but don’t waste gems on the missions! In this game, you plant trees, produce, fruit and flowers. You water other people’s farm so that hopefully they will water back. When your farm is ready for harvest, you get more money from the plants that were watered....

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Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

This is one of my favorite movies. It’s awesome! Never Say Never is a documentary of Justin Bieber’s life and how he got to where he is today. Justin was just a normal kid in a small town in Canada until he was noticed on YouTube. He was brought to Atlanta by his new manager to get a record deal but he wasn’t having any luck. Justin started singing at water parks, schools, malls, radio stations and then finally got a break when he sang for Usher. But now he is faced with his biggest challenge yet- to perform at Madison Square Garden. In order to make it, he has to cancel his other shows days before the big...

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Dick’s Drive In Restaurant

Dick’s Drive In Restaurant has the fastest service I have ever seen. They are so fast that they almost threw my brother’s milkshake out the walk-up window as we were paying. Remember that there is no seating at most of the locations and you must only bring cash. I usually order the Deluxe Burger ($2.50), which is a very juicy double cheeseburger with the usual veggies and special sauce. My brother usually orders the cheeseburger ($1.40), which is your basic buns, burger, cheese, ketchup and pickles. They also offer hamburgers ($1.20), soft drinks and ice cream. Their fries ($1.40) are fresh-cut, soggy and taste ok. I like extra salt on mine. If you want ketchup to dip your fries,...

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