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Absolutely Normal Chaos

I really loved this book because it’s the journal of Mary Lou Finney from the book, Walk Two Moons. I loved that book, too. But this tells you what happened to Mary Lou Finney in the summer before they started school. Mary Lou Finney really hates the idea of writing a journal when a brand new teacher might be reading her journal. But then Mary Lou gets an unexpected surprise. Her cousin Carl Ray has come to live with them until he finds a job. That makes Mary Lou really mad and gives her a lot to write about in her journal. She has to make his bed and he’s always hogging the TV. But luckily her summer becomes...

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Megamind (Sierra)

Megamind is a story about two aliens who crash land on earth and but grow up very differently. Metro Man is an alien who looks like a human and grows up rich and good-looking while Megamind is an alien who grows up in jail and is blue all-over with an enormous head. Metro Man always saves the day while Megamind works to destroy it. On the day that the Metroman museum opens, Megamind plans to destroy Metroman. And it worked! Now Megamind is controlling Metro City but something just doesn’t feel right. There’s no “good” to battle his “evil”. So Megamind decides to create a formula to make a human have the good powers of Metroman. But when the...

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Out of the Dust

I really thought this was a sad book because a lot of people die. And it’s sad because this is what happened back in the 1920’s. Billie Jo lives with her mother and father. Her father owns a farm, which keeps failing because of the dust storms that keep occurring. But when Billie Jo makes the biggest mistake of her life, things start to go wrong. Her mother dies after delivering Billie Jo’s brother. And sadly her brother didn’t make it in time for her soon to be mother to arrive. After her mother’s death, the weather keeps getting worse and she cannot play piano anymore. Her father and her feel awkward together. And the people who have once...

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Marmaduke, the movie, is a little cheesy for me but it might be good for younger kids. Marmaduke is a huge Great Dane who always causes trouble. When his family moves from Kansas to California, his life is turned upside down. His owner, Phil Winslow, takes him to the Dog Park to meet his new boss, who owns a pet food company. Marmaduke meets other dogs that are pure breeds that think they own the park. Marmaduke wants to be their friends rather than be friends with the other dogs who are mutts. Marmaduke tries to impress the cool pure breeds by throwing a party. But when they figure out that Marmaduke had lied to them, things don’t go...

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Sally’s Salon – Nintendo DS

Sally’s Salon is a fun strategy game. In this game you have a certain amount of money you are supposed to make in each level. One level is equivalent to one day. In order to make money you have to follow your customer’s requests. You will have to wash hair, cut hair, style hair and do manicures and much more. But in order to satisfy your customers you have to follow their exact request or else they will lose a heart. If your customer loses all their hearts they will leave your salon. At the beginning of each level you can use the money you earned to buy items to improve your salon. For instance, you can upgrade your...

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Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

Theo’s parents are lawyers. His grandfather was a lawyer. Now it’s his chance to act like a lawyer. Thirteen-year-old Theo has studied the law quite a bit. When Mr. Duffy is suspected of killing his wife, he is brought to trial to find out if he is guilty or not. The state has no evidence but Theo might have an answer. Julio, Theo’s friend, has a cousin who swore he saw Mr. Duffy enter and leave the victim’s house at the exact time of the murder. The only problem is that his cousin is an illegal immigrant. If Julio’s cousin is a surprise witness at the trial, will he be sent back to El Salvador? I loved this book....

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