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Despicable Me – Movie (Sierra)

Gru is an evil villain who is trying to steal the moon. But in order to do that he needs a shrink ray, which Vector, his archenemy has. He has found out that these three orphan girls who sell cookies to Vector is his only hope. He adopts all three of them and finds them a little annoying at first but later on, discovers a soft spot for them. But Gru has to choose to capture the moon and become the world’s best criminal or keep his adopted daughters. This is definitely my favorite movie of the summer. It is so funny! Gru’s minions make the funniest noises and do the funniest things. Also the youngest of the three...

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The Magic Half – Book

Have you ever wanted to time travel to the past? Have you ever believed in magic? The character in this book, Miri, is an ordinary girl who has twin older brothers and twin younger sisters. One day, Miri is sent to her room because she hit her brother with a shovel. Miri notices a piece of glass taped to the wall and picks it up. She stares at it for a while. Then suddenly, she realizes that she is not at home anymore but she is still in the same house. Her room isn’t her room anymore but it belongs to a girl named Mary. I really like this book because it’s so magical. There are scary parts, too,...

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Toy Story 3 – Movie (Sierra)

Andy is 17 and is heading off to college. Buzz Lightyear and his friends are abandoned by Andy and are being donated to Sunnyside Daycare. When they get there, they meet other donated toys like Ken and Lotso. But Lotso betrays Buzz Lightyear’s friends and they get locked up. It’s up to them to escape the 24/7 watched Daycare. The only way to escape is through the garbage chute. Will Buzz Lightyear and his friends make it out? The Toy Story movie series are a favorite of mine, especially this one. It’s super funny and it’s cute to see stuffed animals go on a big adventure. One of my favorite parts was when Ken was trying on all his...

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Mary Scary – Book

Mary is a girl who wants so many things like to be rich or have a pet. Mary wanted more than a lot. But then a mythical, magical dragon-phoenix money god lost his temper and decided to incinerate Mary. Mary rose out of the ashes and still wanted more. Now she wanted to be famous. But later on in the story, she put her wish list in the trash. She then went to live on a tall mountain by the blue sea and lived happily ever after. This is an ebook that I read available through Apple’s iBook app on the iPad. It’s a good thing it was a free download because I didn’t really like this book at...

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The Spy Next Door – Movie

Bob (Jackie Chan) has retired from the CIA in order to marry Gillian, a divorced mother of three kids. The children don’t want their mother to marry him because he is boring. When Gillian goes to help a relative, Bob volunteers to babysit. Gillian’s son downloads an ‘album’ off of Bob’s computer but it is actually a Russian top-secret formula. The Russians eventually track them down and the action begins. Will Bob be able to save his girlfriend’s children and himself? Even though Jackie Chan and Lucas Till are in this movie, I don’t recommend this movie to older kids like me because it was kind of boring and lame. The scenes with fighting were pretty fake and the...

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New Super Mario Brothers- Wii (Sierra)

It is Princess Peach’s birthday and the big cake arrives. Then, pop! All of Bowser’s minions pop out of the cake. What do they do next? They steal Princess Peach, of course. Now it’s up to Mario and his friends to beat all of the mini Bowsers in all eight worlds and save Princess Peach from her doom. This is a great family game. It will teach you how important teamwork is and also, this game is all about taking risks. Here are a few good tips for you. When you are in the ice world, make sure to use a penguin power-up so you don’t slip on the ice. It makes it much easier for your character to...

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