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The Last Olympian – Book

Percy Jackson and his friends are facing their worst feat yet. Kronos and his army are heading toward Olympus to destroy it. Also, Percy is almost 16 years old and has learned his fate. He will either become a hero or kill the gods and himself. Will Percy rise or fall in his battle? This action-packed story is the fifth book in the Percy Jackson series. My favorite part was when Percy woke up and he was underwater in Poseidon’s Palace. Tyson had brought him to Poseidon in the middle of the war and said something like, “It’s okay brother. Next time we will use a big stick.” You have to read the book to get why this is...

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Bandslam – Movie

Will Burton has just moved from Cincinnati to New Jersey. At his new school, music is everything to them. Sa5m (the 5 is silent) is a girl who reads all the time. She tells him about Bandslam, which is a music competition. High school kids can compete to win a record contract. Then Will meets another girl named Charlotte who has started a band with her friends. Will later becomes their manager who gives great advice about music. Can Charlotte and Will win the Bandslam competition? My favorite part was when Will was trying to kiss Sa5m. He nervously tries to brush her hair away, just like what Charlotte told him to do. But Will didn’t know what to...

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Ponyo – Movie

In this Japanese animated movie, a little boy named Sosuke lives on a hill next to the ocean. One day Sosuke was playing down at the ocean and found a fish. Sosuke takes the goldfish home and names it Ponyo. Ponyo is a special fish that is the daughter of a sea goddess and an alchemist and wishes to become a girl. When Ponyo gets a taste of Sosuke’s blood from a cut, she turns into a girl. Sosuke and Ponyo go through a bunch of adventures together. But the longer Ponyo is out of the ocean, the weaker she gets. Sosuke is just a little child so he doesn’t know what is wrong with Ponyo. This movie is...

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Eleven – Book

Winnie Perry has just turned eleven and is finishing off her fifth grade year. When the new girl, Gail Grayson, shows up at school, she becomes the center of attention and steals Winnie’s best friend, Amanda. The only girl left to be Winnie’s friend is Dinah, the sensitive one. Things just keep getting worse when Winnie ends up with the most disliked boy in her class at an ice-skating party. My favorite part was when Winnie, in a brave moment, tells Gail, “The point is that you are not the boss of things just because you wear a bra!” When the kids around them start laughing, Gail says, “It’s not funny! I said it’s not funny! Anyway, laughing causes...

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Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret – Book

Margaret Simon has a strong connection with God even though she doesn’t have a specific religion. She can talk to God about anything. But when Margaret moves from New York to Farbrook, New Jersey, she meets new friends like Nancy, Jamie and Gretchen. They form a secret club where they talk about private subjects like boys, bras and getting their first periods. Will Margaret be able to fit in? I really like this book because Judy Blume is a good author and also because Margaret is around my age and it’s fun to read about a sixth grader. I recommend this book for kids nine or older because they talk about periods, bras and the male reproductive...

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Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Titan’s Curse – Book

Percy Jackson and his friends Annabeth and Thalia find out that Grover has discovered 2 new half bloods at Westover Hall. Percy is the son of Poseidon and has control over water. Annabeth is the daughter of Athena, Thalia is the daughter of Zeus and Grover is a satyr. Their quest is to save Annabeth and Artimeis, the Queen hunter. The Titan lord, Kronos, and Luke are holding them hostage on Mount Tamplais. Will Percy and his friends save Annabeth and Artemeis before winter solstice? This is my favorite book out of the series, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, because it was so exciting and filled with lots of adventures. I like this book because it is very humorous,...

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