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Nokia Lumia 635 – Windows Phone

The Nokia Lumia 635 is the first windows phone for multiple carriers, and this phone set the standard high. With 4G LTE*, Cortana, and a fully customization interface, the Nokia Lumia 635 is a great phone for anyone. Starting from as low as $43.99, this awesome phone can be yours today. The Nokia Lumia has Windows 8.1 operating system, and it works great. Some really cool features are Battery Saver, Cortana, Data Sense, FM Radio, Health and Fitness, Office, OneNote, Word, Excel, Outlook, StorageSense, Transfer my Data, and Wallet. Plus there are some more apps that you can download from the store. You have quick access icons at the top of your screen if you swipe down, 4 to...

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NxtApp 4 Kids

NxtApp 4 Kids is a great way to teach kids how to add and subtract to figure out the pattern. The game is available for iOS devices available at the iTunes app store. They have multiple games to play, which makes learning fun. The concept of the game is to figure out the next number that comes in the pattern. There is a sequence of 4 numbers and one of them is blank. At first it’s really simple, for example 1, 2, __, 4. Then it gets more difficult as you progress, like 4, __, 18,25. At this point you have to use addition and subtraction. So to figure out the missing number, subtract 18 from 25 and you...

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Bakery Story

In Bakery Story, you own your very own bakery that you get to design. In order to make money and have happy customers, you have to make food, but make sure you have money! You can make muffins, cookies, cakes, pies, cappuccinos, mochas and much more. Some food can take 5 minutes to bake while others can take 2 days to bake. It costs money to make the food but you’ll earn money from selling it. Be sure not to let your food sit too long on the stove after it’s finished cooking otherwise it can spoil. For instance, if something takes one hour to bake, then you have 1 hour after it’s finished baking to serve it or...

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100th REVIEW: de Blob 2

The main objective of this game is to color the islands that have lost color. Comrade Black has taken all the color out of Prisma City and it’s your job to restore all the color back to the world. You jump in pools of different colored paints and you can run on walls and paint the town whatever colors you choose. It’s pretty cool but watch out for the time limit and the ink pools (which causes you to lose your color). You can let a friend play with you as Pinky, who can shoot tiny color blobs at stuff and who can help restore your color when you are out of paint. The more you paint, the more...

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is a game with a lot of action. In this game you are a clone of a dead Jedi named Starkiller. You have all of his memories and the skills Starkiller had when he was alive. The main object of the game is to get revenge on Darth Vader and take back Juno Eclipse. Starkiller also makes allies except some of them don’t fight much. Another cool thing is that you can have two different light sabers crystals and there are a lot to choose from. My favorite crystals are healing and incineration because healing gives you health and incineration gives you a chance to set your enemies on fire. I thought the...

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Farm Story: Valentine’s Day

Farm Story: Valentine’s Day is pretty much the same as Farm Story because you actually own the same farm in both. The Valentine’s Day version just has a bunch of flowers surrounding your farm and you have missions you can complete if you want. You can skip the missions by paying gems but don’t do that because gems are very, very hard to earn. Of course, you can buy gems with real money but don’t waste gems on the missions! In this game, you plant trees, produce, fruit and flowers. You water other people’s farm so that hopefully they will water back. When your farm is ready for harvest, you get more money from the plants that were watered....

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