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Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver: Official Strategy Guide

This strategy guide or ‘cheat book’ is very helpful down the road in Pokémon. This book gives you the all the Pokémon gym leaders weaknesses and what Pokémon they have. If you get past any of that and are going to battle the champion, you might need this book. This book is good for the Johto region only. It offers a bird’s eye view of a route that you might have trouble getting through. It’s especially good in the forest. There are descriptions of the gym leaders, the elite four and the Pokémon league champion. I really found the book helpful and it made playing the game a lot...

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Pokemon Platinum – Nintendo DSi

Pokémon Platinum version is similar to Diamond and Pearl versions of Pokémon. My Chimchar evolved at level twenty-one. The evolved form of Chimchar is Monferno. My Piplup evolved at level 16. The evolved form of Piplup is Prinplup. What I liked about the game is that there are new and different Pokémon. The bad part about the game is Sinteya, the Pokémon league champion. She is the second hardest Pokémon trainer you’ll ever meet! The hardest Pokémon trainer is the Pokémon Trainer of Legend. His Pokémon are really tough so train all of your Pokémon equally at each level in the game. I like this version better than Pokémon Diamond because there’s two regions to explore versus one and...

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A Kid’s Review of the iPad

The iPad is like a giant iPod touch, until you play with it. The iPad has more features than the iPod touch or the iPhone. The keyboard on the iPad is almost as big as a keyboard on a laptop computer, but you actually just type on the screen. You can’t see your fingerprints on the screen unless it’s turned off. It’s so much more fun to play games on the iPad like Godfinger, Tap Tap Radiation and more. It is also nicer to watch videos because of the bigger screen. Plus, there are apps that can help you with learning math and other languages. That would be a really good way to get ahead over the summer before...

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New Super Mario Brothers- Wii (Sierra)

It is Princess Peach’s birthday and the big cake arrives. Then, pop! All of Bowser’s minions pop out of the cake. What do they do next? They steal Princess Peach, of course. Now it’s up to Mario and his friends to beat all of the mini Bowsers in all eight worlds and save Princess Peach from her doom. This is a great family game. It will teach you how important teamwork is and also, this game is all about taking risks. Here are a few good tips for you. When you are in the ice world, make sure to use a penguin power-up so you don’t slip on the ice. It makes it much easier for your character to...

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New Super Mario Brothers – Wii (Noah)

This game is fun and challenging at the same time. There are new power-ups that you can get like the propeller mushroom, which lets you fly up into the air to grab coins and other things that you can’t get from just jumping. The penguin suit lets you walk on ice without slipping, slide on your belly and swim better. This game is up to a 4-player game. If you are playing by yourself, you always play as Mario. But with four players, you can choose from Mario, Luigi and the blue and yellow Toads. Playing with other people can be really frustrating because you all play at the same time. Sometimes you can accidentally or purposely push people...

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Band Hero – PS3

This video game lets you play songs from Taylor Swift to the Jackson 5. You can play the drums, the guitar, the bass and sing. The game also lets you customize the drums, the guitar, the bass, the microphone (including the stand) and the character. The guitar is really easy because I play the electric and regular guitar in real life. My favorite song is “Beautiful Soul”. The game may be hard at the beginning, but after a lot of practice, you will get better. I play the easy level for now because once I tried the medium level and got booed off stage. That was kind of funny. The more you play, the more songs and performance venues...

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