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Disney’s Sing It – Wii

This game is a test for your vocal chords. The more you play this game, the better your voice gets. You can pick from a list of songs to sing from Camp Rock, Miley Cyrus, Aly & AJ and Vanessa Hudgens. You can do solo or multiplayer with your friends. When playing solo, you can choose ‘gig’ mode and perform song after song like you’re singing at a concert. Or you can choose ‘sing it pro’ mode and learn to perform vocal tricks and work to improve your voice. The neat thing about this game is while you are singing the actual music video or concert video is playing. I really like this game because they have a lot...

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High School Musical 2: Sing It – Wii

This game has all your favorite High School Musical 2 songs plus songs from some artists like Jesse McCartney, Aly and AJ and the Cheetah Girls. The game is karaoke style with words on the screen and animated versions of the actors. However, I wish it were actual video footage from the movie. If you have an additional microphone, you can do multiplayer were you can compete against each other. Scoring is based on pitch, cadence, phrasing and holding long notes. Depending on how well you sing, you get a certain amount of points that let you unlock outfits for your character and new songs. You can also customize your character with clothes that the actors wore in the...

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Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi is a hand-held console that comes in a variety of colors. The DSi shares games with the Nintendo DS but not with the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. The DSi has many things that are new like the camera, the DSi shop, the DSi sounds and Facebook. The DSi is fun and bigger than the DS. The DSi camera has lots of cool features. You can take a picture of yourself and add funny graphics like a mustache or a Mario hat to your picture. The DSi is great, but I still hope they come up with something cool like a game console that instead of holding it, it will grip your head and hold the videogame right...

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Cooking Mama: Cook-Off – Wii

Cooking Mama: Cook-Off is a game where you are trying to be a better chef than mama. In the game you will be chopping, slicing and dicing your way to your medal. I really like this game because you can cook all sorts of food from all over the world. Also, in this game you can play against your friends. Cooking Mama also has other games you might enjoy on other consoles. Cooking Mama Cook-off is different from the other cooking mama games because there are new recipes and more recipes you can earn. My favorite things to make are hamburgers and cakes. After each step to completing your dish they show your score and depending on how you...

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Pokemon Heartgold – Nintendo DS

This video game is about catching as many Pokemon as you want just like in Pearl, Diamond and Platinum. There are lots of new Pokemon you can catch like a Kakuna, a bug type; Totodile, a water type; Croconaw is the evolve of Totodile; Pidgey, a bird type, Pidgeotto is the evolve of Pidgey, Cyndaquil, a fire type and Quilava is the evolve of Cyndaquil. Since you don’t evolve immediately, you have to battle your way though Johto, one of the 2 regions I’ve discovered so far in order to level up. My Totodile didn’t evolve until level eighteen. My Pidgey evolved at the same level as my Totodile and my Cyndaquil evolved at level fourteen. I’ve only been...

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MySims – Nintendo DS

MySims is a game of sharing and encouraging others. In this game you experience friendship with other tourist while at the same time helping store owners and playing games to unlock money and prizes. I have really enjoyed this game because you can go anywhere in the town. You can go shopping for clothes and other stuff. My favorite thing to do is go visit my mansion on a island. Some hints that might help you are: to earn money you can play fun mini games like making leis and fishing. Also you might be lucky to find money on the ground if you see something sparkling. when you catch fish with the rod and return to the fisherman,...

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