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Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower is a free iPad, iPod and iPhone app that is a virtual tower of businesses and residences that you build. As your businesses make money, you can buy more floors and build your tower higher and higher. You can buy a residential floor that 5 people can live in and then you need to find jobs in your tower for those people. They usually have a dream job and if you get that person that job, you make them happy and you can get a Tower Bux (money!). There are so many businesses you can buy. My favorites are the volleyball club and the car dealership. Each business can have up to three employees and can sell...

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Dreamland Social Club

Dreamland Social Club by Tara Altebrando was such a good book that I couldn’t stop reading it. It all starts with Jane and her older brother, Marcus, inheriting their grandfather’s  house on Coney Island. Coney Island, the once famous but now old beach front neighborhood, was filled with amusement parks like Luna Park and Dreamland, which are long gone. Coney Island also happened to be the birthplace of Jane’s mother and Jane just can’t help thinking of the secrets her mother left behind. With the help of Leo, “tattoo boy”, Jane goes on a journey of discovery and finds out what a great place Coney Island really is. This book is so descriptive about Coney Island that I would...

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Best Western Plus Landmark Inn

We stayed at the Best Western Plus Landmark Inn when we vacationed in Lincoln City, Oregon this summer. We had a great time there because they had an indoor swimming pool, hot tub, sauna and a hot breakfast. The pool was a great place to cool off on the hot days and it was a popular place for kids. There is no need to take a towel to the pool since you can just get the pool towels from the front desk. The sauna was small but hardly anyone used it. The hot tub was a good size and it was nice to warm up in it after swimming for a while. My favorite part of breakfast was the...

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The Throne of Fire

This interesting book is the second book in the Kane Chronicles and is written by an awesome author, Rick Riordan. At the end of the first book, The Red Pyramid, Apophis is rising and Carter and Sadie decide it’s best to awake Ra, the sun god, so that Ra will defeat Apophis. So to pull this off, they have to collect the three scrolls of Ra, cast the spell, awaken Ra and get him to the palace of the gods. Furthermore, they need to do all of this before the summer solstice (which is in five days). I know, this sounds really hard to do in five days, so will they make it? This is a good book especially...

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Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie is an inspiring and hilarious movie. The movie highlights the Glee cast from their summer 2011 concert tour singing the songs they sang in the television show. You also have a chance to see the cast getting ready for the concerts backstage but they still stay in character. They also have stories of three ultimate Glee fans and how Glee changed their life. This movie makes you think that being yourself is okay. That who you are is who you are. That’s exactly what Glee is. This was a good movie that my friends and I really enjoyed. I’ve never watched Glee on television but I thought the movie was cool, especially in RealD...

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Learn to Draw Digital Sketchbook by Walter Foster

Learn to Draw by Walter Foster is a great app that teaches you how to draw all sorts of interesting things like animals, people, flowers, dragons and more. They have different lessons that you can pick, by starting out with outlines that you trace. Each step gets more complex. You also use different tools like a sketch pencil, a shading pencil, a detail pencil and an eraser. There is a size slider that changes the width of your stroke, the pressure slider changes the lightness or darkness of the stroke and the hardness slider changes the edges of the stroke. You can zoom in to add more details to your drawing. You also have the option to free draw....

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I went to see Zookeeper with a bunch of friends and we thought the movie was really funny and a bit goofy. The movie starts off five years in the past when Griffin proposes to Stephanie but things go terribly wrong. Back to the present time, Griffin bumps into Stephanie at a party but he makes a big fool of himself. She still decides to give him a chance but doesn’t like the fact that he is a zookeeper and wants him to get a job at the dealership. The animals at the zoo discuss how they can get Griffin to stay at the zoo because they think that he is the best zookeeper they have ever had. They...

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the best movie I’ve ever seen! This movie is epic and action-packed all the way through. Of course, the director left room for another sequel and I hope they make it. The plot is long and complicated and that’s probably why the movie was so long (2 hours 34 minutes). But the time goes by fast with the great animation and action. My favorite Transformer is the red Ferrari because when he transforms he looks like a red ninja with roller skates. He doesn’t have any guns but he has two awesomely cool blades. I thought it was strange that when the autobots were in robot form, they were all scratched up and...

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