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NxtApp 4 Kids

NxtApp 4 Kids is a great way to teach kids how to add and subtract to figure out the pattern. The game is available for iOS devices available at the iTunes app store. They have multiple games to play, which makes learning fun. The concept of the game is to figure out the next number that comes in the pattern. There is a sequence of 4 numbers and one of them is blank. At first it’s really simple, for example 1, 2, __, 4. Then it gets more difficult as you progress, like 4, __, 18,25. At this point you have to use addition and subtraction. So to figure out the missing number, subtract 18 from 25 and you...

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Cars 2 (Sierra)

Cars 2 is the sequel to the 2006 movie, Cars. Lightning McQueen is asked to race at a new race called the World Grand Prix. He brings his pit crew and his best friend Mater. But when Mater screws things up at the first race, McQueen yells at Mater, which makes Mater leave. But when Mater is lost in the city, he ends up working with secret agents. But during the next couple of races, cars are being blown up out of the blue. People are blaming the host of the race, Miles Axlerod and his new alternative fuel Allinol. But will Mater be able to save his friend while taking down those trying to destroy the cars racing...

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Cars 2 (Noah)

Cars 2 is the funniest movie that I have seen this year (so far). The movie starts off with McQueen coming back to Radiator Springs to do some crazy and fun things with Mater. Thanks to Mater, McQueen enters the World Grand Prix and takes Mater with him. The World Grand Prix has three courses in three countries: Japan, Italy and England. One requirement of the race is that all race cars must use Allinol, which is an alternative fuel that the sponsor of the race, Miles Axlerod, owns. It is supposed to be better for the environment than regular gas but it has a weak spot and criminals take advantage of it. In this movie, Mater also mistakenly...

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Troll Fell

The book Troll Fell by Katherine Langrish was a book club selection for my school reading group. In this book, Peer’s dad has died. His nasty Uncle Baulder wants to claim Peer and take him away to use him for labor. When they get to the mill, Peer has to work day and night and gets scraps of food to eat. But then one day, Peer meets a girl named Hilde who is trying to save her family and their farm from being taken by the greedy Uncle Baulder. But that’s not all. Peer has heard some rumors that a troll is getting married to the King’s daughter and needs some servants for the couple. They are willing to...

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This week my family and I went to the Burgermaster right outside of University Village. I had a Burgermaster (Ground Beef, American cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Relish on a Toasted Bun). It was pretty good. The meat was juicy and the toppings tasted fresh. My dad had a Baconmaster, which is basically a Burgermaster with bacon. My dad likes pretty much anything with bacon. My brother had the chilidog, which was smothered in chili. There was so much chili he actually couldn’t even finish it. The fries we ate were a little crispy and not too salty. The chocolate shakes were so creamy and rich. But for some reason, mine kind of tasted like root beer. If you are in...

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Middle School Confidential iPad App

The folks over at Electric Eggplant, makers of “Middle School Confidential™”, recently invited us to take a look at their new app for the iPad, “Be Confident in Who You Are: A Middle School Confidential™ Graphic Novel”. Although the title of this interactive comic book is a little on the long side, it is an enjoyable read with a good message. As you would expect with an interactive comic book, there are multiple ways to read it. It works both horizontally and vertically. You can flip through like a normal comic, one page at a time or zoom in and read it one comic pane at a time. I recommend reading it zoomed in, it’s a much better experience,...

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Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil

One word to describe this movie would be ‘bad’. I was expecting it be funny like the first Hoodwinked movie but this was really boring with only a few funny moments. This movie starts out by Granny getting “granny-napped” by a wicked witch. The only reason they do this is to get a truffle that can make you invincible. I know this may sound epic but it’s really not. We watched the 3D version and again I was greatly disappointed. The movie doesn’t take advantage of 3D like say, Despicable Me. While most of the movie was unexciting, there were just a few funny moments. The most entertaining part of the movie is Twitchy. Twitchy is a hyperactive squirrel...

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Disney’s Prom

Disney’s Prom is good movie about a bunch of random kids in high school. They all seem to have something on their minds that is driving them crazy. Prom!! Lloyd doesn’t have a date so his stepsister tells him to just ask any girl. Nova Prescott, class President and head of the Prom committee, is faced with disasters. Jesse is one of them. He doesn’t get why Prom is so important. Lucas doesn’t know how to get Simone Daniel’s attention. Jordan doesn’t trust Tyler, captain of the lacrosse team but is still waiting for him to ask her to Prom. Mei got accepted into a different college from her prom date and future husband, Justin, and doesn’t know how...

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